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Warmly congratulate the Shandong Zhong Guan Steel Co., Ltd. won the title of Guanxian "Meritorious Enterprise"

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Shandong Liaocheng Guanxian Economic Development Zone (formerly Industrial Park)


Warmly congratulate the Shandong Zhong Guan Steel Co., Ltd. won the title of Guanxian "Meritorious Enterprise"


April 26, 2016, the CPC County Guanxian County, Guan County People's Government held the "completion of the objectives and tasks of the county in 2015," the annual recognition of the General Assembly held in the county guest house.
At the meeting, the county party committee and government in accordance with the "2015 on the scientific assessment of the views of the work" and other documents, according to the county in 2015 comprehensive assessment, investment, private economy, urbanization, industrial economy, foreign trade, And other indicators, the outstanding achievements of the units and individuals to commend. In the comprehensive index appraisal, Shandong Zhong Guan Steel Plate Co., Ltd. among the best, won the "Meritorious Enterprise" title, awarded the chairman Zhang Yinfeng comrades "meritorious enterprise operators" title; At the same time, the company also won the "county advanced foreign economic and trade work unit" "Advanced enterprise" honorary title.
At the same time, county Party committee, county government issued on the "2016 key enterprise tax guidance plan notice", "the county fixed asset investment key construction project notice", "create national quality county work program" and other documents to determine our company 2016 The annual sales of 2 billion yuan, 40 million yuan of tax goals, and the completion of investment in fine steel construction projects.
The company's development and growth and the majority of staff efforts are inseparable, the company's honor is the honor of all staff, hope that the majority of staff, and strive to forge ahead, to overcome the difficulties for the company to achieve 2016 goals and create more outstanding performance and struggle .