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Zotye Group's work summary in 2015 and the work planning meeting in 2016 successfully convened

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Zotye Group's work summary in 2015 and the work planning meeting in 2016 successfully convened


February 4, 2016, Zotye Group, 2015 work summary and work planning meeting in 2016 in a conference room on the fifth floor of the smooth convening. Group Chairman Zhang Yinfeng, general manager Zhang Xin and managers at all levels and employees on behalf of more than 200 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by General Manager Zhang Xin.
Mr. Zhang Yinfeng, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered an important speech entitled "Promoting Fine Management and Consolidating the Cornerstone of Sustainable Development" at the meeting. The speech reviewed the overall development of the Company in 2015,Fully affirmed the achievements made by various departments over the past year, objectively pointed out the problems and shortcomings in the work; analyzed the current situation and tasks facing, put forward the development plan in 2016, the goal of the struggle to further clarify this year's Work focus, the company's work this year to do a specific, detailed arrangements, deployment.Seeking truth from facts, inspiring, is the company this year,the guiding document.

Finally, the functional departments responsible for the 2016's work plan were reported, in-depth analysis of the existing problems and gaps, put forward a viable solution to clear the 2016 annual objectives and specific measures to achieve.
This meeting is of great significance, we must thoroughly reflect on, quickly convey the spirit of the meeting, pay close attention to implementation. Chairman Zhang Yinfeng important speech as the guiding ideology, a clear understanding of the current situation of the industry, the plight of the face, strengthen management, improve professional and normative. All departments work together in close coordination, responsibility to the post, the responsibility to the people, timely integration into the new trend of corporate management development. Finally, Comrade Zhang Xin, general manager of the work of the target in 2016 made an exemplary summary and put forward the corresponding requirements, pointed out that we Zotye this family,be sure to do the same idea, the same idea, action, consistent action, the Do a good job to ensure that the 2016 goal.
Comrades! Companies for each of us to display their talent, to achieve a broad platform for self and excellent opportunity. Let us maintain a vigorous state of mind, adhere to the pragmatic work style, straighten out the work of ideas, innovative work methods. Close unity, led by the company under the leadership difficulties, forge ahead, solid work to ensure the completion of the objectives of the mission. To usher in the company more brilliant tomorrow, work hard!