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The company recommends rewards for rationalization


In the rationalization proposal collection activity organized by Shandong Zhong Guan Steel Co., Ltd.  in December 2015 , the rationalization proposals submitted by various departments / workshops were screened and evaluated . On 1 January 2016 , the first batch of recommended results was adopted And implemented :
1, 3 # galvanizing workshop
Project Name : zinc dregs zinc mold
Project goal : to solve the waste caused by residual zinc liquid
Organizer :  workshop director Ren Lijie Main participants: Mody Xu Junfeng and so on
Benefit analysis : the use of the mold operation, the majority of zinc residue residue in the zinc liquid is squeezed out, effectively reducing costs. After the company technical appraisal, the company can save 17 to 20 million per year.
Second, a rolling mill workshop
Project Name: Lifting Roll Stand
Project goal: To solve the waste caused by low efficiency of traveling crane.
Organizer: Workshop Director Cao Fengzhang Main Participants: Lu Chunpeng Bai Dongchao
Benefit Analysis: The use of lifting roll stand, each time a two-roll from a crane, the company's technical appraisal, each hoisting process can reduce the driving time of 2 minutes and 20 seconds, the annual savings of 500 hours, the annual electricity savings About 7000, greatly improving the work efficiency, reducing traffic wear and safety hazards.
Project Name: Improved core cutting method
Project goal: to reduce the waste of existing hydraulic shears and scraper cores
Organizer: workshop director Cao Fengzhang Main participants: Kang Hongshan
Benefit analysis: to buy electric shears, to manually cut thin material core, you can increase the finished product each 2.1 meters, effectively reduce the waste, identified by the annual cost savings of about 2 million.
Fourth, rewards
According to the "rationalization of recommended incentives", the company decided to make the following projects to do the following incentives:
3 # galvanizing workshop: 4,000 yuan
A rolling mill workshop: 1,000 yuan
A cutting workshop: 500 yuan.
Since the December 8, 2015 call for rationalization proposals, the various departments to respond positively to the company's call, to participate in the enthusiasm, to reduce operating costs, improve production and efficiency of active suggestions. Hope that all employees to excellent cases as an example, give full play to their wisdom for the company's "quality improvement, safety," the work of their contribution to a force.