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Traffic Safety Week launch ceremony reported

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Traffic Safety Week launch ceremony reported


In order to improve the awareness of full traffic safety, promote civilized traffic safety travel, prevent and reduce the occurrence of traffic safety accidents, and further consolidate the work of comprehensive improvement of road traffic safety, we jointly Liaocheng traffic police brigade, Guanxian traffic police brigade jointly organized the " Traffic safety into Zotye Group "activities and held a grand" traffic safety week "launch ceremony.  

There are old, under a small, out of a car accident. "Traffic Safety Week" launch ceremony in the morning of November 24, 2015 a conference room on the fifth floor. City traffic police brigade Zhang Jidong section chief, county traffic police Yang Chunlin captain, chairman Zhang Yinfeng, general manager Zhang Xin attended and presided over the "traffic safety week" launch ceremony. All staff of various departments of the company participated in the activities. The staff of the launching ceremony were neat and orderly, showing the good mental outlook of our employees and highly praised by the leaders.At the launching ceremony, General Manager Zhang Xin expressed thanks to the traffic police at the city and county level for their support to our traffic safety work for many years and requested all staff to actively participate in the "Traffic Safety Week" campaign to enhance staff awareness of civilized traffic, Practice the "civilized travel proud, shameful to traffic bad habits," the social fashion, education and guide the majority of employees travel civilization, to promote our company to build a safe business to make a positive contribution to the standardization. Zhang Jidong, director of the opening ceremony that has entered the winter, is a traffic accident-prone period, each of our employees travel safety are concerned about a family's happiness, vigorously promote the concept of traffic safety, enhance travel safety awareness is particularly important. Yang Chunlin captain said that with the rapid growth of motor vehicles and drivers, traffic safety is facing a great threat, he called the majority of traffic participants strictly abide by the Road Traffic Safety Law, consciously resist seven categories of violations, improve traffic safety awareness, Civilized travel, and create a good traffic environment. Chairman Zhang Yinfeng said that this event will be on our staff to learn traffic laws and regulations, to cultivate a sense of security play an active role in promoting, he said, over the years the company has been the safety of employees on the most important, Improve the full awareness of traffic safety, promote civilized traffic safety travel, to prevent and reduce the occurrence of traffic safety accidents, require the following three points:

1, strengthen organization and leadership, the implementation of traffic safety system, enhance staff awareness of traffic safety
Traffic safety work will be listed as an important agenda agenda, the establishment of a special traffic safety management team, the introduction of traffic safety management system, strict control of traffic violations. So that each employee of the company to strengthen the awareness of traffic safety, and traffic safety work to the daily work.
2, do a good job of vehicle maintenance and non-motor vehicle personnel management to ensure safe travel
At present the company to go out more vehicles, these vehicles are responsible for the company's transport work. So do a good job of vehicle maintenance is very important. According to the performance characteristics of each vehicle developed a vehicle maintenance program and strict implementation of the maintenance, repair, inspection and other systems to ensure that the vehicle in good condition, ready to use.  

The company currently employs more than 1,200 people, the implementation of three classes of two down, morning and evening classes to work on their way to coincide with the peak traffic on the road a wide range of vehicles, to strengthen the safety of employees, require employees to wear fluorescent suits, wear helmets, Departments must implement in place.
3, to strengthen traffic safety education, adhere to regular traffic safety system
We will conduct monthly safety meetings with the traffic safety management team to summarize the lessons learned from other people and raise our awareness of safety precautions in the light of the problems in our daily work and the precautions that accompany seasonal changes. So that we always taut this string of children, clear the responsibility of their own body. At the same time, more communication with the city and county leaders, organization of traffic safety training, enhance our awareness.
Then the county traffic police comrades for the staff to do a detailed traffic safety publicity and education activities, the traffic safety activities to promote the study of traffic safety laws and regulations, standardize and strengthen road traffic safety management, employee safety trip to protect the theme; To carry out a series of activities, including learning traffic regulations, watching traffic safety videos, the area traffic police and safety supervision departments to carry out traffic safety knowledge training and so on. Traffic police brigade comrades using multimedia technology to teach illustrations, video, accident analysis, live demonstration, play in recent years the country in the occurrence of major accident case video, scenes of appalling accident scene, a picture of the earth-shattering Another brutal contrast, a heavy heart percussion questions, to the staff brought a strong sensory and psychological impact, so that employees recognize the awareness of improving traffic safety, and jointly promote the importance of civilized travel and urgency.
Through the traffic safety publicity and education activities, all staff to seriously study the traffic laws and regulations, so that all staff of the basic knowledge of traffic safety have a more in-depth understanding, improve traffic safety awareness and self-protection capabilities, and enhance civilized traffic awareness and good traffic Behavior. We have said that in the future will consciously abide by traffic laws and regulations, always pay attention to traffic safety, and held to comply with traffic safety, civilized travel signature swearing. The traffic safety education activities have achieved good results.
Forbearance and forbearance calm, so let a brighter future. We cherish life, create peace Avenue, build a civilized traffic, build a happy home is a good wish for each of us, let us join hands together to encourage and common care, so that the journey of life in civilization and love, Order in the fragrant line, all the way to sing!


Traffic Safety Week launch ceremony reported


Traffic Safety Week launch ceremony reported


Traffic Safety Week launch ceremony reported


Traffic Safety Week launch ceremony reported