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Shandong Liaocheng Guanxian Economic Development Zone (formerly Industrial Park)


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5S Monthly Summary In recognition of the successful convening of the conference
June 10, 2016 afternoon, the company held a meeting room on the fourth floor of the "5S activities on the summary of recognition of the General Assembly." The company's deputy general manager and...
Warmly congratulate the Shandong Zhong Guan Steel Co., Ltd. won the title of Guanxian "Meritorious Enterprise"
April 26, 2016, the CPC County Guanxian County, Guan County People's Government held the "completion of the objectives and tasks of the county in 2015," the annual recognition of the General...
Zotye Group's work summary in 2015 and the work planning meeting in 2016 successfully convened
February 4, 2016, Zotye Group, 2015 work summary and work planning meeting in 2016 in a conference room on the fifth floor of the smooth convening. Group Chairman Zhang Yinfeng, general manager Zhang 
The company recommends rewards for rationalization
In the rationalization proposal collection activity organized by Shandong Zhong Guan Steel Co., Ltd. in December 2015, the rationalization proposals submitted by various departments/workshops were...

Industry News

County held dangerous chemical production safety accident emergency drills
County held dangerous chemical production safety accident emergency drills
June 22, the county in Shandong Star Han Materials Co., Ltd. held a dangerous chemical production safety accident emergency drills. County Economic Development Zone, director of Meng Jianxin...