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Environmental Protection

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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

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Sparkhorn promotes economic cycle with resource recycling and is committed to creating an eco-civilized enterprise to achieve green development.
The company has successively made huge investment and introduced advanced environmental protection facilities, effectively solving the "three wastes" problem in the production process, turning all kinds of waste into treasure and truly realizing diversified development of clean production, economic benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit.
The company constructs an acid regeneration facility, with waste acid recovery rate of 99% or higher;
The company constructs a water treatment center to use bio-activated carbon tower, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and degreasing bacteria-specific technology to effectively treat the oil pollution and various pollutants in wastewater, with a wastewater treatment standard reaching national first-class emission standard;
By introducing the first gas cracking & hydrogen production facility in China, the company finishes the history of hydrogen and nitrogen generation with liquid ammonia, greatly reducing the accident rate, protecting safety production and reducing production costs.






Environmental Protection Environmental Protection Environmental Protection