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Safety Production

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Safety Production

Safety Production

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Safety is the lifeblood of enterprises
  Over the yearsXinghan MaterialAlways adhere to“Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment”Of the work policy,Strengthen the safety education and the depth of the implementation of risk classification control, hidden trouble management measures, according to the law set up professional safety management personnel safety management organization, and strictly implement the safety production responsibility system at all levels, so that the safety work, to ensure the steady development of enterprises
Xinghan MaterialScheduled for March each year, June, September for the company safety on a regular basis to organize full participationSafety production emergency drills, fire drills, safety knowledge training, safety knowledge contest, safety speech contestAnd other safety culture activities. At the same time the joint county safety supervision bureau, the fire brigade organized the county hazardous chemicals leakage accident drills, greatly improving the staffEmergency Rescue and Coordinated Processing Capabilities . To pay attention to the safety of employees to work, the company free of charge for each employee with a fluorescent suit, helmets and other traffic safety products
  Through a variety of security activities carried out to further strengthen the safety awareness of all staff, so that employees always keep in mind & ldquo; Safety is the life of the country, security is the source of happiness & rdquo; into the brain into the heart, in order to achieve theEveryone knows safety, everyone wants safety, everyone is involved in securityOf the good atmosphere