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Guan Xian Zhongtai Logistics Co.,Ltd.

Guan Xian Zhongtai Logistics Co.,Ltd.

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  Guan Xian Zhongtai Logistics Co.,Ltd.was established on April 20, 2015, with registered capital of 10 million yuan and land area of 6,000m2. The company mainly takes Tianjin Port, Huangdao Port, Handan, Tangshan, Zhengzhou as its main line, with full highway transportation, safety, fastness and immediate delivery.

  Guan Xian Zhongtai Logistics Co.,Ltd.funded by Shandong Sparkhorn Materials Limited By Share Ltd. (originally known as Shandong Zhongguan Steel Plate Co., Ltd.), now has established a modern integrated logistics center in industrial cluster. Logistics service of the logistics center in the industrial cluster, dominated by Shandong Sparkhorn Materials Limited By Share Ltd. and supported by the enterprises around the industrial park, makes logistics joint venture and cooperation and provides manufacturers with integrated logistics service, as well as ensures punctual delivery and reduction of stock-out and other logistics service problems, ensures stable production and delivery of manufacturers, and has realized organic integration of logistics, trade flow, capital flow and information flow, etc.