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Shandong Zhucheng Import Export Co.,Ltd.

Shandong Zhucheng Import Export Co.,Ltd.

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  Shandong Zhucheng Import & Export Co.,Ltd. was established on August 14, 2012, with registered address at West Side of A2 Road, Industrial Park, Guan County, Liaocheng. Business scope of the company consists of steel and plate sale, self-operation and agency of various commodities and technology import and export.
  The company mainly exports cold-rolled steel plate, galvanized steel plate, galvanized Al-Zn-Si plate, color coated plate and other high value-added products. Products of the company are mainly exported to over 100 countries and regions in Africa, EU, South America, Southeast Asia and Central Asia, etc. and are mainly used in roof, wall construction, color coated substrate and automotive and home appliance industry and other fields.