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Company Profile

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  Shandong Xinghan Material Corporation( Primitive name: Shandong Zhongguan Steel Plate Co.,Ltd . ) was established in March 2006, with a registered capital of RMB 150 Million, a stuff over 1500,a Property/ Plant and Equipment of RMB 3 billion,covers an area over 600 mu.It has passed the standards of international quality management system, Energy management system and occupation health and safety management system.Now it has been a leading export company in the province,with a annual output value of RMB 6 million and profit taxes more than RMB 100 million yuan .

  The company has 18 production lines, including pickling line , cold rolled line, hot dipped(thicker) galvanized line, hot dipped galvalume line and pre-painted line. It can meet a annual output capacity of 1 million tons of pickling coils,1 million tons of cold rolled coils , 900000 tons of galvanized and galvalume sheets , 450000 tons of thicker galvanized sheets and 300000 tons of pre-painted sheets . Its production capacity now ranking a industry leader , Its thin-high strength galvanized and galvalume sheets production also ranking a leader in the nationwide .

  At present,Xinghan’s main products are cold rolled steel ,galvanized steel ,galvalume steel ,color coated steel sheets and corrugated sheets. It can produce all kinds of high-quality sheets with a thickness rang from 0.12mm to 2.5mm,and width within 1250mm . Its advantaged thin -high strength steel sheets had exported more than 100 countries and areas in Africa, Europe , South America, South-east Asia , Middle Asia and other areas, that mainly used in roofing, wall construction, painting basis sheets and auto industry ect. And already gain a great population in the worldwide .


Company Profile



  The company's guiding ideology is: In the next five years, Star Han shares will adhere to the scientific concept of development and sustainable development strategies, and strengthen independent innovation, and take a new road to industrialization, and vigorously promote the product structure, Technology structure and equipment structure adjustment and upgrading, vigorously carry out energy-saving emission reduction, the development of circular economy, through the economic vertical development, asset restructuring, to further enhance industrial concentration, building a strong core competitiveness and distinctive characteristics of the production base plate, Efficient use, production and the environment, business and social harmony and friendly steel processing enterprises.br />

  Shandong Xinghan Material Corporation Co.,Ltd.Mr. Zhang Yinfeng, chairman of the staff with the staff sincerely welcome you to visit our friends at home and abroad, and look forward to your sincere cooperation!